Lol. People dig up old tweets of Crystal Renay saying Neyo, who is now her husband, is gay


Back in 2014, Cystal Renay was photographed with Neyo and there were speculations they were an item. But Crystal went on Instagram and Twitter to say Neyo is gay and there’s nothing going on between them.

Fast forward to 2018 and the couple are married and expecting their second child. Trolls have now dug out those old posts to taunt the couple.

At the time that Crystal’s Twitter and Instagram accounts shared those posts claiming Neyo was gay and they only met for a business dinner, Neyo addressed the post, saying that he believes Renay’s social media accounts were hacked and that he doesn’t have time for “ex managers with hacking abilities.” He also went on to say that Crystal Renay is a good friend who will be starring in his next video, “Money Can’t Buy.”


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