Little Rock Johnson holds world youngest holder record


The kid is called guiliano stroe.He is a little boy from romanoa.his father often takes him to gym,so that he can take care of of him without delaying fitness.Therefore,he has been in the gym for a long time since he was young.he also plays with some small equipment when he is idle and bored seeing that his interest is still strong,his father developed a set of training for him training plan under the guidance of his father a full time coach,he had a whole body of muscles at the age 5,he is already a model man.

After his father posted his photo on the internet,it attracted many netizens attention with the encouragement of these people,he developed to challenge some games and finally put on weight in one leg the handstand walk broke the world record youngest holder in the world at that time.

But at this time many people are worried that his body will not be able to bear it because there are still many places where the child is not fully developed.

Many sports people say that the child must not grow tall.indeed when he was 14 years old,h was only 160 in height which is relatively short in their country.

Here are some pictures of guiliano store