Little Girl Takes a Page Out of Mom’s Book and ‘Reads’ to Younger Sister


Winter, aged two, made a valiant attempt to read her favorite book to her baby sister, Snow, in their North Carolina home, and thankfully, the pair’s mother, Michele Lewter, captured the sweet moment, sharing it to Instagram on January 5.

Even if she hasn’t quite mastered the art of reading yet, Winter was more than happy to try. Most of what she is saying is random, excited noise but when she eventually recognizes a picture of a hat, she begins to exclaim “hat” over and over and gestures to her and Snow’s head.

Like most five-month-old children, Snow’s focus is on the colorful book rather than the sound of Winter’s voice. The adorable pair are sat in matching pink pajamas, complete with unicorn on the front.

The book, Bubble Guppies, is Winter’s favorite. Bubble Guppies was originally an animated TV show about a group of underwater friends. Credit: Michele Lewter via Storyful