Lionel Messi gives an honest reply when asked if he’ll pass ball to Ronaldo when they are in the same team

Lionel Messi Barcelona 2019-20

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi continue to dominate world football as records, achievements and landmarks continue to tumble in their paths in their subtly competition for supremacy.

Despite the rivalry and the fact that they aren’t friends, they both have mutual respect for each other which heartwarming. The Barcelona talisman has often praised Ronaldo on many occasions and acknowledge his invincibility on the green turf.

Ronaldo has equally reciprocated the gesture, especially when he is interviewed during award shows. Recently, Messi was interviewed by Mundo Deportivo where he was asked questions about his eternal rival.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“It’s normal that Cristiano Ronaldo continues to score, he is a predatory striker,” Messi told the Spanish newspaper.

“Ronaldo loves to score goals, he will score every time he plays. He has many qualities as a striker, he scores at the smallest chance that he has.

“If we played together I think I would pass the ball to him, yes … Real without Ronaldo has lost many goals, but it was obvious it would happened.

“Not only goals, Cristiano also brings many other things. If a team loses a player who scored 50 goals per season, its noticeable.

“Real Madrid has great players, but Cristiano scores 50 goals per season.”