Lion, tiger and bear have been living together in a Georgia animal shelter as ‘brothers’ for 15 years


This is possible and has been the reality at the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Georgia for the past 15 years. Baloo the American black bear, Leo the African lion and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger were all rescued by the animal shelter when they were less than one year old and kept at the Georgia animal shelter to live together…and that has resulted in the most unlikely friendship. They’ve lived peacefully in their sanctuary for the past 15 years. Amazing! See more photos after the cut…
Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together9 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together8 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together7 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together6 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together5 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together4 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together3 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together2 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together1 Lion-tiger-and-bear-living-together


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