Linda Osifo narrates how she was mocked in school because of her tribal marks


Nigerian actress and television host, Linda Osifo took to Instagram to narrate how she was mocked during her elementary school days because of her tribal marks.

According to the 29 year old, she was asked severally by her school mates if she fought a lion because of the tribal marks and she tried surgically to remove the marks on her face

Sharing a beautiful photo where the tribals marks were showing well, Linda wrote;

“It’s the Tribal Marks for me! Back in elementary school in Canada, I remember being made fun of about my tribal marks and being asked if I got scratched by lions in Africa. The teasing got so bad that I tried surgically to remove my tribal marks…..(Ouch).
I felt it made me so ugly and weird from everyone else around me because I didn’t understand why I had it in the first place! Now that I’m all grown and wise, I’ve come to realize how beautiful & unique it sure makes me look. True beauty does not come from physical attributes…true beauty comes from what is within. Here’s to the tribal mark gang”

Photo below: