Linda Ikeji Planning For Baby No. 2 Searching To Fish For Rich Baby Daddy

Linda Ikeji

You will recall popular blogger, Linda Ikeji who “fell pregnant” for billionaire oil magnate, Sholaye Jeremi when they “randomly met” and “did not know who each other were”. Well guess what? Linda has revealed her intention of having more children from other men and from the pattern of her travel and movement, Linda is not looking for just any baby daddy, she is looking for the high class wealthy baby daddies. Linda is an Igbo girl and it is a well established fact that Igbo girls do not “fall in love” blindly, Linda Ikeji’s kid sister, Laura is another example as she hurriedly fell in love with the younger brother of Nigeria’s Legendary footballer, Kanu Nwankwu, which by all means was no accident, then there is Tonto Dikeh who hoped to be married to the son of Nigeria’s former long term president, Olusegun Obasanjo; the list goes on and on, nothing happens by chance in the love world of such ladies.

Linda Ikeja

Linda Ikeji has vowed to go to more high class events like the Abu Dhabi grand prix, which are normally filled with extremely wealthy men, which means she can quickly climb the social ladder and continue to maintain her current lifestyle which has allegedly been funded by money from political officers from 2015 elections. To put the caliber of rich people that attend the Abu Dhabi grand prix into perspective, Femi Otedola who is worth almost $900M is present at the race with his daughter, other multi-millionare and even billionaires (in American dollars) are the type of attendees of this event. Then there are other people who look to use the event to climb up the social ladder like Linda Ikeji plans to do. Here is how Linda Ikeji relayed her message and desire for more children.

linda Ikeji

We wish Linda Ikeji all the best, but also hope she will not be cooking another best-selling lie when she gets pregnant again, after the first incident that backfired badly.