Linda Ikeji gushes at the muscles of her 15-month-old son.


Linda Ikeji, a popular blogger, gushed at her son, Jaycee Jeremy, by sharing a picture she says shows his muscles.

She assumes that her son would be a ladies man at the pace at which he is going, according to Linda Ikeji.

“You guys see the muscle of my 15-month-old son… by the way. Looking like someone who’s going to the gym… Choi, women are going to rush my pikin when he’s growing up,” she wrote.

Linda Ikeji who is said to be rich in tune of a billion, also revealed that her son is yet to have a nanny. According to her, she and her mum have been playing that role.

“P.S: Jayce still doesn’t have a nanny at all. I just completely declined to get one! My mom and I are his nannies. Lol. Am I normal?” she concluded.