“Life is so boring” – Reality tv star, Doyin laments

In recent development, reality tv star Doyin Davids has lamented over how monotonous life can be.

While sharing a video on social media of her getting her makeup done, she expressed that life was completely boring and that we all had to live the same day all over again.

She further stated that it got really tiring to have to repeat the same day all over without a difference. However, some netizens in the comment section have advised her to try to spice up her daily activity by travelling and doing other things. 

Now recall that in march of 2024, Doyin had advices ladies to avoid broke men by all costs. She told them to always go for men who were already made because there is more confidence that he will stick with them through it all.

Doyin expressed how on her Snapchat, a fan had shared how some of the teachings that she had learned from Doyin was what she was impacting in her relationship. 

She further praised the fan for listening and taking her advice. She also expressed that a man that was comfortable collecting money every time without giving back to you is a sissy and that whoever is in such a relationship is in a lesbian relationship. 
She stressed on the fact that a lot of times, understanding girlfriends in relationships are the ones who suffer the most. 

A day earlier before she dished this advice, Doyin had shared a video of man on her instagram story, She cautiouned women on the importance of avoiding a struggling or poor man because it will be hard to know their true colors then.

In the video the man had revealed how he had dated a girl when he was younger and was still struggling and she had come through for him consistently. However, his feelings changed when he be became more financially independent.

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