LETTER TO SINGLE LADIES!!! See How You Can Make Yourself Marriageable


It is plausible when sisters, who have left school a long time ago, show by conduct that they are not ready for marriage. Some of them, even at this time, do not understand the concept of marriage from the biblical perspective and from marriage books.

Marriage is instituted and ordained by God. It is therefore biblical and spiritual. It is important that a Christian, especially, Sisters, should live out her full life as a single sister before marriage. Though marriage is good, honourable and very important, it is not the ultimate aim in the life of a child of God. It is not a measurement of spirituality.

Apostle Paul even advocated for celibacy so that a believer will live and serve God without distractions. As needful as it is, it has led some married ones, because of carelessness, to backslide from the faith. These are couples, who are often quarrelling and slugging it out before they divorce. There are couples, who are not divorced but the ingredients of it around them speak volumes. It will lead to spiritual decline and ineffectiveness in their Christian service.

While waiting for your time for marriage, you should serve the Lord with zeal and with the gifting He has bestowed on you. You should live in obedience and in absolute love for God and His work. These are not to be done for any ulterior motive, such as: serving to be noticed by men, advertising yourself for marriage, et cetera. It is important that you should know that you are dealing with God, Who knows even the reins of our heart and the motives behind the things that we do. God cannot be deceived. It is refreshing to know that there is a reward for services rendered to Him. You cannot carry into married life any responsibility you did not do when you were single. Single and married life styles are mutually exclusive. Christian living, though the same, the responsibilities differ.

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