Let’s party, Coronavirus has ended, Government declares


A senior politician has sparked disbelief among Tanzanians by saying that coronavirus has “ended” and calling on the public to celebrate in the streets on Sunday.

Paul Makonda, who is regional commissioner of the country’s biggest city Dares Salaam, even told residents which shops had 80%-off sales so they could buy new clothes to look their best as they party.

His announcement that transmission of the virus had ended is not backed by any available data.

In recent days the US embassy in Tanzania warned that many hospitals in the city had been “overwhelmed” while the opposition ACT-Wazalendo disputed claims that infection rates are falling, accusing the government of “broadcasting a select few statistics”.

A young girl carrys home a container with food received from Samantha Murozoki, who feeds the underprivileged a hot meal from her home, in Chitungwiza on May 5, 2020, during the government imposed COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown in Zimbabwe. – With the help of volunteers Samantha Murozoki serves over a 100 hot meals per day from her home to underprivileged families whose household income has been cut off by closure of all informal markets during the lockdown.

More than a month has passed since the health ministry last provided a full list of new cases and deaths.

President John Magufuli, meanwhile, insists there is a decline and has urged Tanzanians to take part in three days of prayer from Friday to Sunday to unite in gratitude.

Many members of the public are worried about Mr Makonda’s call to celebrate because they know social distancing won’t be respected.

According to the latest available data, there have been 509 confirmed coronavirus cases and 21 deaths in Tanzania.

Source: BBC