Let’s package pidgin English – 2Face Idibia suggest, says it’s the only language that every Nigerian understands


Legendary singer 2Face Idibia has suggested that Nigerians package the pidgin English they have been speaking since it’s what they all understand very well.

2Face Idibia tweeted calling on all the linguistic professors to come together and package the pidgin language very well because it’s the only language that almost every single Nigerian understands and can speak as well.

A follower reacting to his tweet agreed with him saying it would have been great if a president address the nation in pidgin and it’s also getting to be used in schools as almost everyone will understand what is going on around them.

It’s true every Nigerian can speak pidgin English and for 2Face to suggest that it gets packaged so it could be used as a national language isn’t bad at all but we guess it won’t be accepted since there might be some factors to hinder it.

screenshot below;