Lebanon dismisses claims on the implementation of harsh Labor laws on Syrians

Syrian Construction Workers In Lebanon

The Lebanese government has of recent been experiencing criticism over the shutdown of stores and establishments run by Syrians, who lack means of identification and work permits enabling them to work in Lebanese.

Labor Minister Kamil Abousleiman rejected the assertions in remarks to Asharq Al-Awsat, stating that the measures taken by his ministry were not bent on targetting a single nationality.

Kamil Abu Sleiman stated this in order to dissolve the claims that the new measures where a kind of pressure being put on the Syrians in order to force them to move back to their country.

He added that the laws were of old and nothing of new, stating;

“The law was not executed in practice and what is happening is that we are applying it.”

According to Abu Sleiman, the recent measures implemented were a means of pushing  Lebanese employers to adjust their legal status and obtain work permits for all foreign workers allowed to work in Lebanon as per the laws in force. He told Asharq Al-Awsat;

“Our priority is to provide jobs for the Lebanese workers. There are workers, who violate Lebanese law and work illegally, and they are considered an illegal competitor to the Lebanese labor force in many sectors where they are not allowed to hold jobs.”