Leaked audio of Isreal DMW apologizing to Sophia Momodu after she called to confront him about comments he made about her on social media

An audio of Davido’s logistics manager, Isreal Afeare apologizing to his boss’ ex girlfriend, Sophia Momodu after she called to confront him about comments he made about her on social media, has been leaked online. 

Tontrends had reported in May that Sophia called out Isreal after he insinuated that the vacation she and her daughter, Imade, enjoyed in Monaco, was funded by singer Davido.

Earlier today, Israel again shaded a certain woman who he described as a gold digger that sleeps with a younger boy because he’s rich.

Hours after Israel’s recent post, an audio recording between him and Sophia was leaked.

The leaked audio revealed that Sophia had put a call through to him to express her displeasure.

Isreal respect yourself! Because when David is maltreating Imade, you guys keep quiet as if you do not know what he is doing. All of you have kept quiet and watched this man abandon his child. Then you have the audacity to be saying………I dey take care of my pikin, you dey talk of your Oga money….You people should mind yourself,. The only reason why I am not insulting you right now is because we are from the same place” an angry Sophia could be heard saying

Responding, Isreal said;

‘’Madam Sophie, listen to me, you are my sister now!’

Sophia immediately cleared him saying she is not his sister and that she doesn’t know him like that. 

‘’Ask Oga if I have ever said bad of you and if I have not been asking of Imade. I am telling you the fact” Isreal said

Sophia went on to issue a stern warning to him to stop spreading lies about her on social media. She stressed that Isreal’s Oga has not spent a dime on Imade in three years

‘’Madam abeg Sorry. Madam Sophie I beg” Isreal pleaded

Listen to the audio below…

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