“Laziness isn’t good, empower yourself this year and your man will respect and be proud of you” – Didi Ekanem advises women

Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem, has used her new post on Instagram to advise ladies on what to do with the money they get from their boyfriends rather than using it for body enlargement surgery.

She made this known on her Instagram story, where she advised ladies to use the money they collect from their boyfriends to learn how to cook and start a food business rather than spend it on BBL.

In the statement she made on her Instagram story, she said, “The money you want to collect from your boyfriend to do yansh, use it to start a food business.” When you make money from the food business, you can use the money to do yansh and whatever else you want. “Empower yourself this year; laziness isn’t good; be the type of woman that turns over money; trust me, that way your man will respect and be proud of you.”

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