Lawmaker, Akin Alabi’s tweet faulting Nigerians in the diaspora who return home to set up businesses sparks debate


Lawmaker, Akin Alabi, has sparked off a debate on Twitter after posting the tweet above in which he faulted Nigerians in the disapora who return home to invest and do business.

Alabi opined that instead of coming back home to do a business in a place where the risk of failing is high compared to where they are based, Nigerians in diaspora should establish their businesses in a “country that works.” He disagreed with the opinion that patrotism is the reason why some Nigerians in the diaspora risk it all and have investments back home.

His tweets have since sparked off an intense debate with some in support of his opinion while others see his tweet as ”discouraging” Nigerians in diaspora from coming home to invest.