Laura Ikeji recounts how she got gifts, N10m from fans, defends celebs who live large

Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji recently defended celebrities who are often trolled for living lavish lifestyles.

In their defence, the fashion entrepreneur said that it is possible to get gifts from fans without playing dirty games.

On this note, she narrated how she got about N10 million from her loyal fans.

Successful fashion entrepreneur recently shared a number of posts on social media in the defence of celebrities who are often criticised for living large and owning a lot of material things.

Laura Ikeji started her defence by narrating how she got over seven million naira from one fan and over two million naira from another fan. In addition to this, she said that she has received lots of gifts from her loyal admirers.

On this note, Laura made it clear that it is actually possible for celebrities to get gifts from fans who genuinely love and admire them. She even said that a number of her celeb friends have gotten car gifts from people who simply like them.

Laura added that those who dole out these car gifts may not necessarily want something in return. In essence, the entrepreneur pointed out that not all celebs do dirty things to get the gifts which they show off on social media.