Late Ooni of Ife’s Daughter-In-law, Dolapo Reveals How Her 2-year-old Son Reacted To the Blackout


Late Ooni of Ife’s daughter-in-law, Dolapo took to her twitter and Instagram account to narrate how her 2-year-old son was crying because they took the light while he was watching television. According to her, she doesn’t know how to explain the concept of them taking light in Nigeria to her baby boy.

She wrote,

“Please how do I explain the concept them taking light in this country to my son Nitori Olorun ?! He was watching something and the TV went off. He’s been crying since asking me to bring back light. Am I a magician???

“No light. Gen is acting up. I swear I’m being punished because I never let him watch TV. I just wanted to do some work in peace.”

This is the screenshot of her post:

According to reports, the electricity distribution companies (DisCos) had announced another collapse of the national electricity grid yesterday.

In different statements by the DisCos on Wednesday, they said the blackout being experienced across the country is as a result of the industrial action by electricity workers.

Earlier in the day, yesterday, the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) had announced the commencement of the strike.

Nigerians have expressed their frustration in different ways on social media over the discomfort that comes with lack of electricity.