Lami Phillips returns to school to get a fourth degree


Lami Phillips-Gbadamosi has returned to school to get a fourth degree.

The mother-of-two is currently a postgraduate student at Kings College, London.

The singer revealed that people sometimes recognize her on campus and wonder what a celebrity is doing there.

She wrote: “Cracks me up when I’m spotted on campus and the person is like “but aren’t you Lami the singer”? I’m like “yeah.. but I’m so much more! Why not get a fourth degree?” My mission is to die empty because my dreams are useless in the grave init!”

She also wrote: “My name is Lami! I am a singer/ songwriter , actor, counselor,, leadership, brand and communications consultant. Being a postgraduate student and adjunct faculty at the African Leadership Center of @kings_college_london has opened my mind to so many possibilities and asserted my identity as a leader in my generation. There are many layers to LAMI. This is just one of them.”