Lami Phillips cautions women planning to have plastic surgery after rapper Dream Doll revealed she “almost died” during fat transfer surgery (video)


Lami Phillips has some words of advice for women who are considering having plastic surgery.

The singer told women that vanity should not be the only reason they should opt for plastic surgery.

She added that there are some “medically justifiable” reasons for getting plastic surgery but undergoing invasive surgery just for reasons that have to do with vanity isn’t enough.

She wrote:

Plastic Surgery is surgery. It’s invasive. Ask all the questions, be sure you NEED to do this. I’m not against it because everyone has a right to their own body but please don’t do “follow follow” without all the facts.

Some people have actual medically justifiable reasons for plastic surgery, some have mental health issues that justify the need for plastic surgery but please don’t let “vanity” be your only reason … I’ve had surgery (csection) before and it’s not a walk in the’s scary, it’s painful .. takes a while to heal and there is risk involved.

Don’t shoot me… I’m just saying it like I see it.. (trust me .. if there was a non invasive way for me to look like Jlo I will sooooooo be on it!!!!

Lami, who has been advocating for body positivity, made the post in reaction to bronx rapper Dream Doll’s revelation that she almost died this year when she went to Colombia to have “fat transfer” surgery done on her body.

Watch the video below.