Lagosians abandon umbrellas for mini-nylon raincoats


Several residents of Lagos have abandoned the conventional umbrellas for mini-nylon raincoats as rainfall persists in the city/state.

A correspondent observed that traders, workers, school children, motorcyclists, security agents and others now adorn mini-nylon raincoats anytime it rains.

They wore the raincoats as an alternative to umbrellas and would go about their daily routines not minding the downpour.

The dress-like nylon raincoats that come in different shades and designs, are worn by both genders.

Report has it that before now, women used to wear shower caps made of nylons whenever it rains to protect their hairs from getting soaked.

Some of the mini-nylon raincoats are designed with head covers and sleeves, while others are without such accessories.

You can see school children and adults wearing the mini-nylon raincoats with joy instead of running from the rain or staying at home so that their bodies will not be soaked.

it’s either mini-nylon is cheaper for them or more convenient.