Lagos Guber Polls: Tinubu’s in-law, Tee Mac reveals how APC allegedly rigged governorship election

Popular flautist, Tee Mac has alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) rigged Saturday’s governorship election in Lagos.


The advisory member of the Labour Party, Tee Mac-Omatshola Iseli, made the revelation on Tuesday when he appeared on Arise TV’s ‘The Morning Show’.


Tee Mac disclosed that APC agents coordinated attacks in his Okota Ago Palace area which, according to him has about 186 wards and is a stronghold of the Labour Party.


He said, “I had a phone call last week from a gentleman who said, Tee Mac, please I want you to make sure you have security in your area because I just attended a meeting at the Mushin Local Government.

“There were APC top people, Baales and Kings, and it was decided that we are going to disturb Okota Ago palace way to Festac because they are not pleased to see that 80 to 90 per cent (of votes) will be Labour Party.

“So, I asked him what do you suggest? and he said, please inform the police and tighten up the security. Also, he said I have just seen the result sheets of the election. How is that possible? And I said, how are we going to accept such a result?

“He said, if you don’t like it, you can go to court and he told me something like: That area will have 48,000 APC then maybe 24,000 for Labour Party, and that is what I saw on your television yesterday,” he said

The LP chieftain also noted that following the intel, he had to release eight dogs to his boys to scare away 34 thugs who came to the polling units to disrupt the election, while claiming that the thugs took instructions from an APC representative who he sighted, but preferred not to identify.

“They threw sticks and bottles at me and my boys. One of my boys got injured on the face and back and we chased them off the street into the Swampy area,” he said.


Tee Mac noted that the number of injured persons during the governorship election was under reported as many hospitals received more cases on the day of the election and subsequent days after.

“People did not come out as in the presidential election, and those who came out to vote, it is either they didn’t find somewhere to vote because the boxes were destroyed, or they were driven back home. So, the outcome of the very poor in that area,” he added.

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