Lady wows netizens with body transformation after getting divorced (Video)

A beautiful lady has shocked netizens with her body transformation after sharing a video compilation of herself from when she got married up till her divorce.

The video which was shared on social media shows how the lady used to be much bigger, but as she got divorced, she became slimmer and more beautiful.

This trend has now become popular amongst women on the Tiktok app, with many showing how far they’ve come since getting divorced from their partners.

The video which she captioned “the divorce effect” has made many netizens surprised at the rapid transformation in her physique.

See netizens reaction:

@Ada_042 said: Nothing special to see here. She just started keeping fit and choosing her health. You can still look peng while married

@obianuju_pc said: Divorce PR?? 👀 Mothers are still in marriage, but daughters are divorced. whats this nonsense 😡

@TrxxxWrld said: You have to look your best, the market is very competitive 💀

@OAlapo said: So it was the marriage or man that made you fat? Or you were lazy to keep your weight in check? Blaming marriage and men for everything. Won shepe fun yin ni?

@LupinIkenga said: Being divorced is now something to be proud of? We are in dark days men

@IzuoguIheme said: Long story short, marriage isn’t for everybody Kuku enjoy ya single life be that

@Kingdou_05 added: Nothing really to see here! Women tend to forget themselves whenever they’re married, live everything for the man to do, but when they’re single they can hustle and try to dress or look good for the new catch.

Watch video here:


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