Lady whose neck dislocates each time she yawns, gets a surgery that won’t allow her look down


An Australian woman whose neck dislocates each time she yawns, has gotten a risky new surgery which came at a huge cost to correct the rare condition she suffered.

Before undergoing the surgery which fused her skull and spine, Kirstin Maltby was left bedridden and in debilitating pain as the rare condition she suffered saw her neck unable to hold up her head’s weight.

Howeer with the successful surgery, 33-year-old Maltby will no longer be able to turn to the side or look down ever again.

‘I had to be careful whenever I yawned because my neck would dislocate causing me pain and my neck would get stuck. If I ever left the house, it would take me days to recover,’ she said.

‘We do hope that with little adaptions like mirrors that extend my vision on the car I should be able to drive again. But we won’t know how frozen my neck is till it’s all healed. I’ll have to compensate by moving other parts of my body. I’m in a neck brace keeping everything immobile while healing for a few more weeks.’

Dr Prashanth Rao, the Neurosurgeon who operated on Ms Maltby at Macquarie University Hospital described it as ‘a big deal’ for a young person.

‘She won’t be able to turn around much, she won’t be able to look down – it’s a big deal for a young person – you’re making people completely stuck,’ he told 9News.

Ms Maltby has already started off a a GoFundMe campaign to help her meet the costs of the surgery, which she has so far paid out of her own pocket. She will also be able to leave the rehabilitation unit at Westmead Private Hospital and return home in two weeks time.