Lady whose boyfriend cheated after she donated her kidney to him says she doesn’t regret her decision because she saved a life (Video)

An Asian-American woman has opened up on how she donated her kidney to her boyfriend who ended up cheating on her.

She revealed that he had kidney failure and was on dialysis for two years before they met and started dating but she felt compassion and decided to give hers to him.

According to the young lady, the surgery lasted for five hours, he was able to recover after the donation and was taken off dialysis.

However, the guy later confessed seven months after he had recovered that he cheated on her.

In a viral video, she narrated how he gave her a brochure with instructions on who to contact if she wanted to donate her organ.

She noted that she should have seen that as a red flag but she went ahead with it because of love.

The heartbroken woman, however said that she does not regret giving her kidney to him despite what he did to her.

She said what mattered to her was that she saved someone’s life, and even after the unfaithfulness, heartache and ghosting.

Watch video below:


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