Lady who graduated with first class reveals how she abandoned her degree to open a makeup store


In what appears to be a rare occurrence, a lady who graduated with a first-class has revealed that she abandoned her degree and opened a makeup store instead.

The lady who took to her Twitter account to make the revelation in response to a viral trend (The face Vs The CGPA), stated that since she graduated in 2017, she has neither written a CV nor gone job hunting. She shared a photo of herself and her transcript while making the information public.

Simply identified as @DaizyStores, a name believed to be what she called her makeup outfit, the lady also noted that she started the business with N35,000 in 2018.

However, she added that her family members vehemently opposed her decision to abandon her degree in pursuit of her entrepreneurial passion, considering the fact that she graduate with distinction. Daizy concluded that she did not regret the decision as it paid off in the end.

She wrote: “The face Vs The CGPA. Babe graduated 2017, never have I made a CV nor job hunted. “That’s me in the makeup store that I began in 2018 with 35k. ..Everyone especially my family hates that I let my degree waste (kinda), well I put the intelligence in my business and it paid. “