Lady warns future side chicks as she currently “suffers” with her man who has no money

After boarding a bike with her boyfriend, lady warns other women to stay away from him when he becomes well-to-do.

The young lady captured herself and her boyfriend who did not to add or contribute to her statement in the video.

According to her, there is no other woman involved apart from the both of them who are currently struggling.

She advised that once he is financially stable and has a car, no other woman should be try to snatch him because they’ve gone through a lot together.

Here are some reactions to the video

modestacindy007 claimed: “It’s your man that will go after his spec when he buys that care 😂”

ajimovoix_drums wrote: “My question is, nah u pay for the bike?? 😂”

rosythrone said: “Pray for him not to have the mentality like “you’re just there, but were you the one paying the bills” Imao boys that are unpredictable”

books_feverr advised: “Aunty… You are not meant to warn us… Warn your man, cus even as e broke now, he fit still dey cheat 😫😫”

ovayozarh stated: “The guy face be like who go carry girls full him car when he later blow 😂😂😂”

uziooka4 commented: “U urself dem forbid u from making money and buying ur own car? All these babies with their f**ked up mentality”

big____mighty claimed: “She stood by him when he had nothing..evidence choke. You think it easy to enter bike with your man”

Watch the video here

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