Lady travels 18 hours to see her boyfriend only to meet his main girlfriend


A lady was shocked to the marrow when she discovered that her man has another girlfriend- the main dish for that matter and she’s is just an accessory after travelling hours to meet him.

The distraught lady took to a social media platform narrate her ordeal, saying men are nothing but SCAMS!

She wrote:

”I remember getting into a long-distance relationship with this guy that didn’t even really slap hard.

I traveled 18 hours just to see this nigga and 10minuets after I got to his place, his GIRLFRIEND showed up unannounced.
Worst day of my life!.

Men are a scam.

He stayed in a one-room apartment. The babe said she wasn’t going anywhere and I couldn’t just up and leave cos i didn’t know my way around.

Long story short, I had to spend the night in that same house.
They slept on the bed and I spent on the floor

I cried all night.”