Lady takes to social media to tag her lawyer date boring, he responds

Lady takes to social media to tag her lawyer date boring, he responds

There was a mild ruckus on Nigerian Twitter platform after a lady took to the platform to complained about how boring her date with a lawyer was.

According to her post, the date was so boring, she had to fake an illness in order to leave earlier.

Another Twitter user claiming to be the lawyer, slammed her, leaving many people amused.

Indeed, Twitter has grown a reputation for being a social media platform with the craziest of dramas and this story is no different. Twitter user, Salt, recently took to Twitter to complain about how much of a bore her date with a lawyer went.

According to her, he kept going on about court cases and she needed to leave so she faked an illness so as to bail on him.

She wrote: “Date with a lawyer can be soo booooring. This one has bored me with court cases. I need to get out of here Las las I had to form sick oo… he’s driving me home already and still talking about court cases. Lemme just reach my house fess. Kamapade mo”

See her tweet below:

Responding to her tweet, a lawyer claiming to be the person who took her out on a date, slammed her for calling him boring, stating that she was in fact the boring one who kept eating like she had been fasting for the past 40 days.

“You were also boring. You didn’t say anything throughout. I thought maybe you have mouth odour or something. The way you were even eating, as if you have been fasting for 40 days. Don’t ever call me again. Boring girl!!”

See his tweet below:

As expected, the tweet immediately went viral with over 21,000 likes as many people reacted to the post, most of whom criticized the lady.

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