Lady stirs reactions as she says getting married isn’t an achievement

An author, Toni Tone shares her controversial take on marriage as she opines that getting married isn’t an achievement.

She took to her Twitter page to make the assertion that has triggered mixed reactions.

According to her, so much attention and relevance has been put on getting married than the actual experience that follows marriage.

She noted that marriage shouldn’t be the ultimate goal, but the life that follows the wedding.

Her words:

“Getting married isn’t an achievement. Fools get married every day. Along marriage? We all know a misreable longstanding couple. People prize the status too much, and disregard the EXPERIENCE. Are they even happy? Did they even marry their dream person? Are they being cherished?

If you marry someone who treats you badly, who wasn’t your first or even second choice, and who has you feeling unloved day to day – there are people who will still clap for you because wahey at least you got married!!! As if marriage on its own is the ultimate goal. So dumb.

Not some men being mad at me for saying marriage by itself is not an achievement. They want y’all to see marriage as the prize sooooo bad. It’s because if we hype status and disregard EXPERIENCE, then giving us a ring is enough. They don’t actually have to be good husbands

Do you know what’s funny. The “why were you happy about your engagement?” ppl. What don’t you get about experience over status? The achievement is in having and sustaining a positive relationship! Not simply getting engaged. If I got engaged to a villain, is it an achievement?!”

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