Lady reveals how her boyfriend flew in to meet her parents, spent 4 days then broke up with her while she was driving him to the airport


A pretty lady has narrated how her boyfriend made her believe that he wants to take the relationship to the next level by meeting her parents, but she met a rude shock when he broke up with her shortly after his visit.

Identified as Sydney Nicole, the lady revealed that they have dated for about four and a half years and he flew across the country to meet her parents.

The boyfriend spent four days with her family, took her out all through the weekend and made her feel loved. But Sydney who did not suspect anything during his stay was hit with a huge emotional blow while taking him to the airport as he broke up with her in the car.

“My boyfriend of 4.5 years flew across the country (long distance), spent 4 days with my family, took me out all weekend and then broke up with me while I was driving him to the airport. Men are trash,” she wrote.