Lady recounts how she saw the light. She changed from being Titan to a Mercenary


This all started when a young man,Ray Godison on Facebook made a post comparing Titans and Marlians.He indicated that Marlians are better humans than Titans.

In his comment section,a young lady posted a picture of Mercy while expressing gratitude that being Mercy’s fan makes life easier because it is not stressful for her. She further stated that being a Titan is a very difficult task because you have to constantly be at war with anyone who is not for Tacha. She further explained in Igbo that,she wouldn’t have known how to explain to God that having a favourite in a reality show had turned her into a Witch.She expressed gratitude to God for saving her from the Titan’s Coven and making her a Mercenary.

This is the conversation below,Chioma Martha Uka Obidozie is the Titan turned Mercenary while Ray Godison is the one who compared Titans and Marlians.

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