Lady reacts shockingly as she sees man sipping drink through fabric of his clothe

A lady has been surprised as she shares a video of the unusual sight of a man on a bus who was sipping soft drink through the fabric of his clothe.

The lady took to social media to share her unusual experience on a bus.

In the video she shared, she revealed that she had sat close to a man who was, for some reasons, sipping his drink through the fabric of his clothes.

Some netizens have opined that he was probably using the fabric as some sort of filter.

Read some comments below:

archersplace_ said: “Him dey filter the drink”

maxfreeman58 said: “See people wey Lugard join all of us together… I know Lugard generation is really suffering for the atrocity he committed…”

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “Maybe he is shared it with his friend that has mouth odour”

iamstepee said: “He trying to make the drink more sweet the dirty in his clothe”

christoberyl said: “If we call them aboki now they go dey” said: “He trusted his cloth that’s been i, collecting dust since who know when to drinking directly from the bottle? Okay now.”

zinnytherealtor said: “Someone said it’s too sweet e dey try i, filter the sugar”

xelafabrics said: “He’s trying to reduce the sweetness of, the drink because of jedijedi”

dmc_hairways said: “Who video my man (na so him i, Dey drink anything from bottle we nor trust Una”

Watch the video below:

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