Lady Loses Job After She Celebrated On Facebook ( See Reason)


The social media has turned to a place where we go to talk about everything we do, and all our experiences. You get a new job? It goes online. Your heartthrob proposes? You want your Facebook and Twitter fans to hear about it.

Even photos of your baby bump, which used to be private are now used to gather likes and comments on social media. We never know the implications of these things until they hit hard on us.

A Nigerian Facebook user, Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi recently shared a story on his Facebook wall. According to the post, a lady lost her job because of a jealous friend, and the friend couldn’t have heard of it if she didn’t celebrate online.

The lady in question is based in Lagos, and the bad one hasn’t even been there once. She got a job and posted it online so her friends will send her the normal congratulations!

Things turned out different when the poster’s friend, felt it was time to repay her for the evil she has previously done to her, and wrote to the company, telling her she was of questionable character.

See her post below: