Lady laments as new boyfriend requests N3k loan from her on first day of their relationship and has refused to pay back till date

A Nigerian lady has shared her bewildering experience after her new boyfriend requested a loan from her on the very first day of their relationship.

The incident, which was shared on Twitter, has since gone viral, sparking a wave of reactions.

The lady, whose identity remains unidentified recounted her story in a video that quickly gained attention of many online.

She described how, less than an hour into their relationship, her boyfriend asked her to borrow him N3,000.

He assured her that he would repay the money promptly, and asked for her bank account details for the transfer.

Days turned into a week, and despite her repeated requests for repayment, the boyfriend failed to return the money,

In her words;

“…It has not even gotten to one hour me and you started dating you already asked me please send you N3k, that you will send it back, I should send my account details. “After that day till one week into the dating era, you did not send back my N3k. I’d send, I’d send, I don’t understand. I’d send, my bank app is not opening. Okay, I don’t understand…”

Netizens Reactions…
@ChrisEjiofor7 said: “Oh!, So it is even a loan. “Why is she coming to rant on the internet, she should deal with it please.”

@ManuelPeniel1 said: “Brotherhood is proud of him, if Saidaboj can bill her a man within 24hours, who are we not to do the same.”

@damhi_me said: “Na format, he no wan make the girl run the billing first . “I’m proud of the guy ❤️.”

@mercy_collect said: “Omo I have seen such man. “I swear I don’t respect him anymore.”

@AfamEze412767 said: “Well, we only focus on women, forgetting that men also use relationships to scam people. 3k is even small. People have lost millions and hundreds of thousands. “Everyone has to just pray not to be scammed with love. Because I don’t even think if it’s about being careful.”

@Mickyy_Beast said: “Na test nau, you almost pass am. You don use this content spoil am.”

@ucheosefoh45 said: “This is how my gender feel when una bill us the first time of chatting your gender and we were made to believe we shouldn’t react rather do it.”

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