Lady in tears after her fiancee allegedly died while making love to her


A Nigerian lady is currently in tears as she has revealed the calamity that happened to her.

This social media user on Twitter took to the platform to claim that her fiancee allegedly died on top of her while making love to her.

The post she made reads;

“My boyfriend died on top of me last night 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺. 💔💔💔. I’m unable to breathe 😭

How do I even begin to explain how he died 😭😭😭. His mother wants answers I do not have.

My sex addiction will come to a stand still after this. Can’t stand a man on top of me anymore. 😭😭😭😭Sx has become traumatizing for me 😭.”

Her post has got people talking. See what Twitter users are saying;

@DesmondLumumba – Yes we are mourning with yu but the moment u mentioned your addict for sex I’m next let’s first allow the soul to rest in power

@bongi_annointed – Hai the au thencity of the story died with this tweet. But then again ngazelaphi

@TheReal_Prechy – Guys I’m being catfish’ed by@MrsSmeg. This person is using my pictures. Please help by reporting this person.

@MrMakhekhe – Please abstain Ausi, the moaning period just begun.. you will resume sex after burial.

@Msentifela1 – Noooooo it doesn’t have to end,bona u can use other methods,this way no one is on top of anyone!

@NginguManzeZulu – Mana ke,mana.., mana kancane…. Usukwazi kanjan lokho kwe Traumatic sex? Ur guy Died izolo nje how’d u know the experience in just 24 hours?

@KanekotoL – No one will be on top of you anymore you are a killer..death is death

@MjaYwa – But dear not all man can do that to you, some of us we expect some ride from you ladies.

@phatzopherrari – You need therapy. Cum see me.

@Ngwenyab12 – Yoh u must be traumatized shame yazi, I can imagine

@PfumzozoH – Don’t take it slightly, go for counseling