Lady heartbroken as man she had 18 abortions for dumped her to relocate abroad with his wife and kids

A woman shared her story of being in a long-term relationship with a married man who eventually decided to move abroad with his family, despite her having gone through 18 abortions for him.

She disclosed that she had been in a serious relationship with the married man for nearly ten years.

Throughout their time together, she had terminated 18 pregnancies for him, yet he did not value her efforts.

She mentioned that the man terminated their relationship and left the country with his family.

The woman uploaded a video of herself preparing to go out, announcing that she is now seeing someone else.

She said:

“Me getting ready to go on a date with another man cos life didn’t end when the married man I was in a committed relationship with for 9 years, had 18 abewrion and almost lost my life during the 19th one told me I deserve better but not with him left me with his family were abroad”

Read comments below:

ejimachukwu_1 said: “If you don’t have any family members that doesn’t disgrace you online don’t know wat God did for you”

thestudentconnectv said: “No lady can have 18 abortions and still be standing, infact no lady can have 18 abor*tions”

mragugua said: “Go girl! You would find a man that will love you for you and over look contents like this of you. After all you are the table”

viviennee___ said: “This internet is gonna ruin a lot of people fr”

sir_tigga said: “Una nor get senior brother or papa wey una dey fear for house?”

jully_mk said: “Even if you don’t respect your family members online. Have regard for the future cos internet never forgets!”

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “Some of you definitely flew from the sky, no family and friends to embarrass! Blaady Aliens!”

iam_bmodel said: “18 abortions? Madam turn your dodo Abeg. Even if it’s true, do we deserve to be hearing this?”

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