Lady gets black eye from boyfriend’s side chic after going to confront her

Despite getting a swollen eye from confronting her boyfriend’s side chick, a young lady has vowed never to stop fighting for love.

Recall that Tontrends reported a lady who bravely confronted her boyfriend’s side chick.

The young lady who was identified as, @i_am_firefire, on Tiktok, was unfortunately beaten by the side chick.

Despite being on the losing end, she vows to never stop fighting for love.

Here are some reactions to the video below

@BIG ADE💕 stated: “Na why you chop blow for eye😭”

@Nifemi.ea reacted: “😭😭😭😭 My sister have some standards please”

@ELFROSH🥷🏾🍃 claimed: “I no sure say you they fight for love oo, Abi them they beat you for love😭😂😂😂”

@Whe_zee advised: “Continue the fight you go win next round”

@I like problem 👽👽 added: “i tell am say i get babe ooo she no hear now my babe blow am for eye 💀”

@suzzybaibey🥹♥️ commented: “Wanted to scroll up ooo buh the eyes caught my attention 😭😂
keep fighting for the love sis 😹,the lord is your strength 🫂😂
sisterhood is proud of you 😹😹😭”

@loner__.1 wrote: “Ruger no tell me say e get sista😂😭😂💔”

Watch the video here….



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