Lady ditches regular eyelashes for custom ones that matches native outfit

A video posted on Twitter on Sunday, June 25 showcased a young lady discarding her usual eyelashes and opting for new ones that perfectly matched her native outfit.

In the video, she displayed well-cut clothes and attached a substance resembling gum to the edges.

Proceeding further, she carefully glued it to her eyelids. Once the entire process was completed, she confidently flipped both eyes, showcasing the clearly visible new eyelashes on her face.

After the video went live, numerous individuals who were captivated by the brilliant display and innovative approach took to the comment section to voice their reactions.

The screenshot provided showcases a glimpse of the wide array of responses the video received. People expressed their admiration, fascination, and appreciation for the lady’s unique choice in matching her eyelashes with her native outfit.

See below for screenshots:

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