Lady cries a river after her boyfriend of 3 years broke her heart

Lady breaks down in tears in a touching video after her boyfriend of three years ended their relationship.

A lady was inconsolable after her boyfriend decided to end what they had going between them.

It was learned that the lady couldn’t handle the pain when her man decided to break up with her after they had been dating for three years.

A clip that was shared online shows her crying inconsolably while friends tried to console her.

A caption attached to the video commented on how difficult relationships can be.

“Relationship is not for the weak,” it stated.

Read some comments below:

@Shile_matrix said: “Since my last break up, it makes me happy when I see people getting served laidis 😂”

@maneekofficial said: “Las las, na everybody go chop breakfast. And the taste ain’t the same for everyone”

@uzanethegreat said: “Breakfast must reach everybody”

@xandyy_jay said: “Love is real.
When Kelvin did same to me 2years back, I was just crying on the road.
Thank God.”

@Bodhhe said: “Girl wey suppose dey read for exams”

@ebonysarah88 said: “Allow her she would be fine, we all went through this. More are coming”

@shandy_barbie said: “And she gets time to post… Cry out blord self…. They never born that man that I will cry for”

@butterbabe91 said: “She should focus on passing JAMB first instead of investing heavily in her relationship. See how they discarded her like a tissue paper.”

Watch the video below:

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