Lady causes buzz as she buys cheap Okrika dress, transforms it into stylish outfit

A Nigerian lady Merrit Beads has captivated many online with her remarkable transformation of an Okrika dress.

The fashion enthusiast shared a video chronicling the dramatic change in the dress’s appearance from a rumpled state in the market to a chic and stylish outfit.

The viral video begins with Merrit in a market, interacting with an Okrika seller as she selects the dress that caught her eye.

The initial state of the dress appeared less than perfect, with wrinkles and creases evident from its time on display.

Merrit purchased the dress and took it home with a plan to turn it into something extraordinary.

Upon reaching home, Merrit embarked on a meticulous process to revitalize the dress.

Lady causes buzz as she buys cheap Okrika dress, transforms it into stylish outfit
The transformation journey involved a thorough washing of the garment to ensure it was clean and ready for the makeover.

Merrit painstakingly ironed out every wrinkle, bringing life back to the fabric.

The awe-inspiring moment came when Merrit proudly showcased herself wearing the revamped dress.

The stunning end result left many netizens in disbelief, with numerous comments expressing amazement that the chic attire was indeed the same Okrika dress Merrit had purchased earlier.

Netizens Reactions…
@cee-cee clara said; “One tin I like abt thrift is dat you can hardly see someone else wear it.”

@otufirstqueen said; “My sister only you can iron the problem of this country.”

@Doris said; “The shoe self na okirika.”

@RejoiceJohnson commented; “Okirika una don rebrand am to thrift.”

@Amaka said; “One celebrity go wear am now tell us say $7,000.”

@May luxury stores said; “Okrika no da fine for ground, na for body “

@Leendah said; “As they say “okrika no Dey fine for ground.”

@user49802388087765 said: “How many hours you use iron am?”

@wendyjovy said: “Try it with a red shoe and a matching purse.” @OyinDollLeeP said: “Girl! This outfit is fire. Abeg which market be this?

Video below….


I should start my thrift series😂 #fyp #foryou #thrift #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 #lagos

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