Lady causes a stir as she rushes to salon after 6 days to take out braid she spent ₦75k on

Nigerian lady identified as Tracy Loveday has sent shockwaves through the online community by documenting her abrupt return to a salon merely 6 days after getting an extravagant ₦75k braided hairstyle.

Loveday, in her video, disclosed that she had shelled out a whopping ₦75,000 for the braided hairstyle, only to have it removed shortly thereafter.

While some members of the online community took issue with the decision to dismantle the braids, others directed their reproach towards the exorbitant expense of the hairstyling.

The influencer defended her actions by emphasizing the demands of her role as an influencer, highlighting the constant need for diverse photos.

She claimed that maintaining the same hairstyle hindered her creative content production.

Additionally, Loveday confessed to having a tendency to swiftly tire of any particular hairstyle, regardless of how recently she had flaunted it.

The video quickly ignited a flurry of responses from social media users.

Netizens Reactions…
@whizbelle said; “You say wetin, I’m still rocking my 10k braid of almost 3 months. Dey play.”

@rajipeju stated; “Come with you to Wer exactly! Me wey dey carry hair for a month. Make I follow you go Wer I no know! A sa ku ilawo lonii.”

@africasweetheartweddings reacted; “You people have money o, me dash stylist 75k for braids? No way!”

@mimico360 commented; “Even if I have the money so much I can’t change my hair every six days I might run mad.”

@yay_toon_day said; “Oh 75k? it’s even cheap. I did mines for 750k and carried it for just 5mins. Cause I don’t like carrying the same hairstyle for an hour plus.”

@kingkokoskitchen added; “Ayam on low cut and na my younger brother cut am for me with scissors. 75k is even more than my salary.”

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