Lady Allegedly Commits Suicide After Finding Out Boyfriend Is Already Married With Kids


A Twitter user has shared the sad and touching story of how a lady committed suicide over a boyfriend who jilted her.

According to a Twitter user, @PresidentAisha, the lady was traveling to Lagos from Abuja to visit her boyfriend when she had an accident that claimed both legs.

After being bedridden for months, she discovered that the boyfriend who is also a policeman was married and had three kids already. This led her to commit suicide.

See the full story below:

“So a lady traveled from Abuja to Lagos by road to see her policeman boyfriend. When she got to Lagos, she had an accident that claimed both legs.

She was bedridden for months. During her stay at the hospital, she will vomit repeatedly, lost so much weight.

The nurses feared that they will lose her. The policeman’s boyfriend visited her 3 times during her stay and after some time he stopped coming.

It was time to settled bills and a bill of 800k was given to her, her policeman boyfriend contributed 50k out of 800k.

Her sister in Abuja borrowed money to clear the bills then the 2 of them traveled back to Abuja.

Few weeks later, she found out that he was happily married with 3 kids and has traveled out of the country. The lady committed suicide.”