Lady accuses unemployed fiancé of stealing her N150k only to see where she kept it

A Twitter lady @itslope_, has shared a complicated story about a friend making a false allegation against her fiancé, who has been job hunting.

She said the working-class woman invited her Abuja-based man to join her in Lagos and he landed at her place on Thursday. A day after he arrived, she snagged a deal which earned her a take home of N150k.

The lady decided to go home on Friday with the money which came in cash, however, the next day, a Saturday, she began to search for it in her bag.

Being that they did not have any visitors and nobody broke into their house, she felt the only logical explanation was that her fiance took the money.

She confronted him and demanded that he should return the money and the clash leads to a heated exchange where she labelled him demeaning names.

The woman told him to leave her house the next day and he obliged. But the matter did not end there as she reported him to his siblings and their mutual friends.

But an interesting thing happened on Monday when she went back work and found the N150k in her office file cabinet.

“How a friend ruined her relationship. You are a working-class girl, you invite your fiancée who is job hunting in Abuja to visit you in Lagos. He visits you on a Thursday. Friday while closing from work, you decided to take home the 150k u had from a deal in the office.

On Saturday u started looking for the 150k in your bag, nowhere to be found. In your car, zilch. Where on earth could money fly to? Ofcourse it must be fiance, nobody visited. So you tell him bluntly to return the money and he vehemently denies.

You guys exchange words during a heated argument and you call him names, a pauper who will forever remain poor and steal and told him to leave your house Sunday morning. He does, seething with anger. You called his sisters and told them, told your friends and his too.

Full of anger, you arrive office Monday morning and discover you left the money in the file cabinet!”

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