“Ladies should learn to start supporting themselves more, they even lookalike” – Reactions as Ayra Starr and Tems link up (video)

Ayra Starr posted a video of herself giving to one of her songs alongside Tems, and it literally broke the internet.

The random link up is not something that could’ve been easily foreseen, and netizens were beyond pleased to see both of them together.

Here are some of the reactions to Ayra Starr and Tems’ linkup video;

donjazzy wrote, “Ahhh Beauty talent and star power overload in one video.”

enioluwaofficial wrote, “THE TALENT IN 1 VIDEO. Girls Supremacy FR!”

01barrackboyy wrote, “It was until they stood side by side that I know who’s prettier lol, Omo tems fine o hands down.”

blakes69 wrote, “Hit the button if they look alike”

jidoroger wrote, “Now I don confuse, ion know who be my baby again”

northernbazaar wrote, “My two favorite queens”

andreasilvaofficial_ wrote, “My 2 favourite African Queens”

uchendugenevieve476 wrote, “Watching this, you could see the sincere and genuine love they have for each other. At least they didn’t let fame and pride come between the both of them”

celebrithy_boy wrote, “I love ayraaaaa use me as that”

singerkrid wrote, “I can smell sweet collab”

officially.notkelly wrote, “Look at how beautiful she is and you guys be saying @tyla is nicer than her…I’m really disappointed in all them guys fr..”

dkingofafrica wrote, “Una both parents need provide DNA test result oo”

michaeltalker wrote, “My girlfriend and my wife don finally meet”

spxtrends wrote, “My wife and side chick finally meet”

paulcleverlee wrote, “Do a collab before I do”

horlafrosh123 wrote, “Something is coming up. Simi and tiwa. Now ayra and tems. Let’s have it”

itsjustnife wrote, “I love seeing my faves together”

animbaraphael wrote, “First it was Tiwa X Simi now this we love it”

nuelcyblaq wrote, “Something good is in the air and I love it”

_fe.ran.mi_ wrote, “Why are you guys doing this to me, who I wan kon pick bayi”

preshroyce_ wrote, “ladies should learn to start supporting themselves more”

preshroyce_ wrote, “ladies should learn to start supporting themselves more”

fvr_great wrote, “Two of you standing together just made me realise how Arya Starr is so mid”

eversmilingomo wrote, “The resemblance is so obvious my babies for life,I love u guys so much”

officiodreko4 wrote, “@ayrastarr I am still waiting for you in your fathers house, I want to marry you”

shutterboii wrote, “Yeah, practice make perfect You make a man shout Lord have mercy”

kosisooranu wrote, “Yesterday was tiwa and Simi, today Ayra and tems!!!! Love itttt”

mma_damsel wrote, “This is exactly the Tems and Conditions we signed up for”

lube wrote, “The striking resemblance…so gorgeous & best video that made my new month”

choicewears22 wrote, “Something is cooking I know it congratulations you both look so beautiful”

Video below…

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