LADIES!!! See 14 Secrets For Becoming Highly Likeable To All Men


So many people think that being likeable is a feature someone on a cloud, smoking a pipe, programs you with before the stork drops you to your mum’s and dad’s.

Luckily for all of us, storks have better things to do, there’s no guy smoking his pipe up there, and becoming liked is something that you can’t really control, since people have their own mechanisms of going through life, and of filtering what works with their mojo. BUT. There is a but.

I have written down a list of 15 secrets that every person with empathy and common sense should be doing in order to attract people with the same quality.
You know, your vibe attracts your tribe.

1. Ask questions.

The biggest mistake you can make is when you are afraid to ask questions. When you are afraid to look dumb. Stupid. Incapable of getting things right from starters. The world needs people that don’t take failure as something bad. What the world needs is a bunch of people that want to fail, want to look stupid when they don’t know something, and people that understand that the only key to becoming good at something is by learning. And what teaches you that better than falling seven times and getting up eight?

2. Be genuine.

Accepting your flaws and being aware of them as much as you are of your qualities. That makes your strong, independent and not afraid to get yourself out there. People will always be attracted to those who are basically invincible in front of others.

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