Ladies Only: 10 traits matured men look for in women


Only a few young boys have an idea what they want to do with their lives, these include what they want in a partner.

Boys prefer to chase a pretty girl but as they become men and are more mature, their priorities begin to change and other things take the place of beauty.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 10 traits matured men look for in women

1.Faithfulness: Nobody likes getting cheated on, matured men are worried about getting their hearts broken too.

2. Understanding: He doesn’t like being judged about some decision he makes. He just needs you to understand him.

3. Friendly: He wants to be comfortable around you, if you get along with everyone then it’s fine by him.

4. Nurturing: He doesn’t mind you taking care of him when he’s down.

5. Creativity: He falls in love with someone who is quite creative in almost everything.

6. Optimistic: He doesn’t want someone who’ll get him depressed, he needs someone who’ll make him feel happy on his bad days.

7. Maturity: No mature man wants a child for a wife, he wants someone to have an adult conversation with.

8. Calmness: Matured men don’t want drama. Fights put him off.

9. Smartness: He cares about your mind not your face. He loves your brain than your body.

10. Neatness: He loves a spotless place and wouldn’t mind if you take your time in ensuring your house is kept neat especially after marriage.


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