Ladies, don’t be afraid to toast a man you like, and guys don’t see women that toast you as a prostitute – Evan Okoro

Nollywood actress, Evan Okoro has used her new video on Instagram to reveal that whenever she sees guys she admires, she goes to them to express her sexual interes.

She encouraged women to break free from shyness and approach men they’re interested in, openly communicating their intentions. Evan Okoro conveyed that men should not perceive women who initiate such conversations as prostitute, instead, they should view it as a natural interaction.

In the statement she made in the video, she said, “When I see guys that I admire, I go to them to tell them I want to have sex with them. Ladies, don’t be afraid to toast a man if you like him, and guys should not see women that toast them as prostitutes because it is nothing special.”

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