Kylie Jenner’s Daughter, Stormi Webster Calls Her ‘Kylie’ Instead of Mommy


Kylie Jenner is a busy young woman these days. She is the mother to two-year-old
Stormi Webster , she is the founder of her businesses Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics, and stars in the hit reality series, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ However, with everything going on in her life, she makes it clear all the time to everyone that her daughter, Stormi is her number one priority.

Since Jenner was young when she got pregnant, being only 19 when it happened, and she and her now ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott was only together for a few months, fans were surprised when she did get pregnant.

However, Jenner talks very openly about how being a mom to Stormi has changed her life for the better. She and Scott have been doing a very good job staying friends to co-parent their daughter together.

Jenner only has Stormi’s best interest at heart, seeing as how she is always putting her needs and wants ahead of her own, as any normal, loving mother would do for her child. In fact, February 1 was Stormi’s second birthday and she had this to say about it, “And just like that she’s two ⚡️⚡️ happy birthday to my Stormi. February 1st 4:43pm the moment my life changed forever. We were meant for each other stormiloo.”

As Stormi is now two, she is starting to show her personality. She takes after her mother with her love for makeup but she also hates getting her picture taken. In fact, when Stormi notices her mother taking pictures of her, she starts demanding that she stop. That’s how much she hates her picture being taken.

Although Jenner’s family and friends think little Stormi is such a happy and sweet toddler. Jenner knows her daughter better than anyone and says that she is ‘such a stomi’ and has many different personality traits.

One good example of little Stormi’s different personality traits is when Jenner was recording a video of her one time. In the video, she is seen and heard trying to get the little girl’s attention. After several attempts of yelling Stormi’s name, the toddler turns around to finally face her mother. Jenner sees that she has gotten Stormi’s attention and she says, “Hi baby!” Then, Stormi realizes what her mother is doing and rolls her eyes and turns away from her.