Kylie Jenner Surprised Stormi With an Early 2nd Birthday Present: a Trip to Disney World!


As far as birthday wishes go, I’m willing to bet a lot of candles have been blown out by kids wishing to go to Walt Disney World (myself included), and Kylie Jenner just made that wish come true for baby Stormi as an early second birthday surprise! In a post on her Instagram account, Kylie shared a photo of the toddler decked out with all the Disney gear a kid could dream of, including a Minnie Mouse blanket, a Minnie Mouse doll, and pink sequin
Minnie Mouse ears.

Kylie shared a few more snaps and videos from Stormi’s first trip to Walt Disney World on her Instagram Stories, tracking their walk around the theme park ( with a Fendi stroller, no less), their journey through “It’s a Small World,” the fireworks show, and even Stormi trying a Disney snack. That sounds like a pretty magical birthday to me. Stormi’s dad and Kylie’s ex Travis Scott also joined the mother-daughter duo on their trip, according to People . Keep scrolling to see what else Stormi and Kylie got up to during their Walt Disney World adventures ahead.